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TokyoWestern CTF 2018 BBQ

1 September 2018

BBQ — Tokyo Western CTF 2018

Hi, I am Ne0. Long time no see. Last weekend I played Tokyo Western CTF as a member of r3kapig. Obviously the quality and difficulty of this year’s challenges got great improvement. When I got the first blood of BBQ , I thought that no more than 3 team can solve this challenge , but there are 4 in the end.. orz.. Thanks my teammates for carrying me!

Program Info

This program is simple : You can buy food ,grill it and eat it ,and of course , say bye-bye.

Today is BBQ Party!

1. Buy
2. Grill
3. Eat
0. Break up

Details can be found in the binary.

The food and cooked food structure is like this:

struct Food{
    struct Food* next;
    size_t amount;
    char* name;

struct Cooked_food{
    struct Food* food;
    unsigned long useless;
    unsigned long tag;


The old binary has two bugs , one is out of bound and the other is uninitialized stack pointer , while the new binary has only the latter. As it is the uninitialized stack pointer bug that matters, let’s just focus on it.

Out of bound

printf("griddle index >> ", v0);
    v3 = getint();
    if ( cook_list[v3] )
      puts("now cooking...");
// and others....

Uninitialized stack pointer

  struct Cooked_food *ptr; // [rsp+8h] [rbp-28h]
  unsigned __int64 v4; // [rsp+28h] [rbp-8h]

  v4 = __readfsqword(0x28u);
  printf("griddle index >> ");
  v2 = getint();
  if ( cook_list[v2] )
    ptr = cook_list[v2];
    puts("found food.");
    puts("empty..."); // if goes here, the ptr will be uninitialized....ooops...
  if ( ptr )
    v0 = ptr->tag;
    if ( v0 == 0xBADF00D22LL )
      puts("I don't want to eat charcoal...");
    else if ( v0 == 0xDEADBEEF11LL )
      ptr->tag = 0xCAFEBABE33LL;
      cook_list[v2] = 0LL;

And after some debugging , I found that the ptr can be one of the following:

  1. a file structure pointer
  2. if grill() is called, it will be the newly allocate Cooked_food structure pointer.
  3. if buy is called, it will be the name of the food if the name is longer than 40 bytes.

The first one is useless , but with the last two, we can own the world!

Exploit Steps

  1. Create a freed 0x20 sized chunk. Like grill and eat
  2. call grill() , and ptr will be a newly allocated chunk.
  3. call buy , input a name that is 40-byte long. This partial-overwrites the lowest byte of ptr , making it point to a food name.
  4. call grill() to free ptr , then the first 8 bytes of the freed food name chunk now has a fd pointer. That leaks the heap address.
  5. With leaked heap address, we can now free arbitrary address, as long as the address+0x10 contains the stupid tag 0xDEADBEEF11
  6. Fake a 0xe0 sized chunk ,and free it , leaving some libc pointers in the heap.
  7. Try making a name pointer point to these libc pointers, and leak it . Libc address get~~
  8. With libc address , we can fake a Food structure in &__malloc_hook-0x18. And by changing the amount of the food, we can leave a 0x21 in &__malloc_hook-0x10
  9. Now it is obvious that we should use fastbin attack to modify the fd of a 0x20 sized fastbin chunk to point to &__malloc_hook-0x18 But this is not as easy as it looks, because the only thing we can control is the name of Food, and the name can’t contain any null bytes ! LOL
  10. So my approach is : Fake a Food structure in main_arena ! We only need to free a 0x30 sized chunk and a 0x20 sized chunk , and make them to be the count and the name of the fake Food ,leaving next be empty. Then change the amount ,make it point to somewhere in the heap that we can control. And the fastbin looks like modified_fd---->somewhere_controled---> &__malloc_hook-0x18
  11. Finally! Use fastbin attack to modify the __malloc_hook to one_gadget. Pwn!!!

The final script can be found in here. If you like the writeup , please follow me on github !


The logic of this program is really simple ,and the vulnerability is also obvious. But it is extremely hard to exploit…. Maybe there are simpler ways? If you have better ways to exploit it , please share it with me ^_^.